Executive Profile

First Quartz PL is an experienced digital project management company specialising in business case planning, design and delivery of UX/UI (user-experience/interfaces) for digital media, ecommerce web portals and mobile apps. We also have a world of know-how delivering traditional and hybrid media projects.

With your business needs in mind, we will design a competitive edge for you in a world going mobile. We will:

  • investigate why you want to do it (so your objectives are absolutely clear),
  • assess out how best do it (best practice project management).
  • and deliver what you need, so you can do it – and do it well.

First Quartz PL brings together the diverse input and talents of thought leaders and specialists into an agile and highly responsive team. We get up to speed quickly on your needs and then assess, research and deliver the best strategies to deliver your outcomes. After 25 exciting years, we continue to implement and manage projects for many different people and organisations, utilising both traditional and digital media.

Driven by passion for ideas and emerging technologies, fueled with imagination and experience, we build compelling communication platforms with high standards of technical excellence and real enthusiasm for our client’s vision.

We use clearly defined metrics and analysis to know when to adapt and find smarter ways of doing things in a world of constant and accelerating change.

We get things done... and done right the first time.

We always strive for the best possible outcomes.

We love what we do.

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